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Geberit products are specifically designed for installation in the factory environment. They provide increased usable space, improved accessibility, easy installation and nearly maintenance-free performance.  Off-set flush buttons are available to meet ADA bathroom requirements.

Included in the Geberit Modular Bathroom Kit:

  • Modern Meets Modular Brochure - Find out why Geberit is the leader in in-wall systems, our manufacturing and operational efficiency and our promise to stand by every unit we sell! 

  • Better by Design 

    Brochure features exclusive Geberit in-wall Duofix carrier systems for wall-hung toilets, urinals, bidets and lavatories. Technical information for multiple bathroom configurations are included.

  • The Choice is Yours Brochure - Get our full collection of flush plates available in many attractive styles and finishes and are the only visible element of the in-wall toilet tank and carrier system in our The Choice is Yours brochure. You not only have a wide selection of flush plates, but also reliable Geberit in-wall systems for varying construction situations.

  • Planning Guide for Geberit Installations Systems - Determine which concealed toilet tank system - 2x4 or 2x6 constructions - works for you with our Planning Guide for Installation Systems

Geberit in-wall carrier systems for modular pod bathroomsBONUS Online Course,
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Integrating Modular Bathrooms into Prefabricated Structures 

See how easy it is to work with Geberit!

Our systems work with any framing system and are suitable for low-rise and high rise buildings. Whether you choose a concealed toilet tank system for 2x4 or 2x6 wall construction, wood or steel stud construction you get a reliable, proven  Geberit in-wall system for your  projects.   For immediate assistance, contact:
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Edward Aguilar
National Builder Sales Manager
T: +1 224 355 4196

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  • More space-efficient modules and pods for simpler transport and lower transport costs
  • Cost savings on piping, plumbing fittings
  • Flexible waste stack locations


  • Save 6 to 9 inches of floor space – smaller rooms are not a problem anymore
  • Improve user comfort and accessibility
  • No fixture on the floor means easy cleaning and improved hygiene
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  • Locate waste fixtures practically anywhere in the bathroom
  • Fixture height is fully adjustable to meet design and comfort requirements
  • Hide the unsightly toilet tank inside the wall, where it belongs